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4 March, 2016

A Godsend: Skinny Noodles!

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Skinny NoodlesIt’s rare that you find something so amazing that you can’t believe it’s true.  Skinny Noodles are such an item.  If you are eating paleo or low carb and you are missing pasta and noodles, then I’m about to make your day.

I discovered Skinny Noodles by accident.  Now, I can’t even remember what I was originally searching for but when I found them, I snickered because they trumpet that they are 0 carb and 0 calories.  I mockingly wondered if they were nothing but water.

But then I started looking into them.  These amazing noodles are made from the member of the yam family native to Asia called Konnyaku (Glucomannan). They are pretty much 100% fiber and yet, they can be made into many shapes, such as spaghetti noodles.  As you know, healthy dietary fiber slows down digestion and aids in the absorption of glucose while prolonging a sensation of fullness.  This means, you can add a little bit of carbs to it… like spaghetti sauce, without that drop in blood sugar.

But that’s not all.  The same brand also makes the noodles cut into little rice shapes, so you can use it as rice with any dish (like Chicken Vindaloo or Chicken Prik Khing).  There are so many uses for these noodles in so many different dishes.

I usually order a 12 pack from Amazon, though I have found them in some health food stores and higher end grocery stores (like Wegmans).  They come in water that you have to drain but otherwise are ready to cook and serve and do have a fairly long shelf life – for a vegetable.

I highly recommend checking these out if you’ve been craving some of the pasta dish indulgences.

Click on them below to see the package I order on Amazon.