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I’m just your average guy who has struggled with weight issues.  While I go to the gym fairly regularly and workout, I still have an issue putting on unwanted pounds.  I’m also hypoglycemic, so too many carbs or sugar wreaks havoc with my body.

I enjoy eating various ethnic foods like Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food and others but the problem is, most of the restaurants you go to don’t list their ingredients and they are usually loaded with sugar and carbs.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a large cosmopolitan area with lots of healthy alternatives to the foods I like, so I started investigating how (and IF) I could make those foods myself.

I started experimenting and made some of my favorite dishes by substituting sugars and carbs for healthier alternatives.  Some experiments have been great successes, others… not so much.

As I began to tell people what I was doing, they were interested in the recipes I came up with and asked for copies so I came up with this website to help share the recipes and my tips for cooking low carb.